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A Huge Wave of Deep Rest and Relaxation Floods My Sleep and Dreams

... and more unforgettable experiences to be explored in Toskana Therme Bad Orb, Germany

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By WT Global Writer Josée-Ann Cloutier
Photos courtesy of Toskana Therme Bad Orb, Germany


There is nothing like this anywhere, are the first words that arise in my mind, soaking in the warm geo-thermal saline mineral waters in Toskana Therme, Bad Orb’s specialized pools. Swimming my way outdoors into the fresh air, I am struck by the view, which needs to be seen and felt in person and not only read about here in this article.



Imagine, a curvy hillside, tall trees housing various birds flocking about in unison, and a historical salt factory from the early 1800s as a backdrop. White mist rises from the warmth and cool air meeting, as if a magic show is about to begin, but here the show is already happening in its full splendor. Standing under the water fountain, is like being hugged by a powerful waterfall. Pulled into a fast current, I am spiralled in to gliding along effortlessly like a river. The curvy roof looks like a big wave about to splash over, but luckily it is a fine German architectural design giving the illusion of a huge wave about to wash over our heads.


The “Liquid Sound” Temple is naturally unique in its own essence and innovation, creating a space for peace and inner intimacy. The brightly lit mandala beams a maze of symmetry and color. The classical melody playing wakes up my senses, with feelings of being alive and feeling my body in a new way. The colours soothe my tired and dry eyes from too much computer screen. The music relaxes my heart with the soft melodies. The warm natural mineral water holds me effortlessly, as I float, letting go of any logical thinking about where, how, and what next. An embryonic memory is activated, like being back in the womb. One guest commented on feeling quite vulnerable and had lost touch with this feeling from being so busy. The time and space open, and “to feel” is a gift Toskana Therme Bad Orb and Liquid Sound offers.




Liquid Bodywork under a Full Moon


Imagine moving in ways that would be impossible in our gravity forced earth body, but in water, the possibilities of motion open up in many ways. The exploration of movement as though the body has transformed into an eel or dolphin is guided and facilitated by a trained therapist carrying and caring for your deeper exploration and journey back to the source. Aqua Wellness/Liquid Bodywork® was developed by Musia Heike Bus and teached at the Institute for Aqua Wellness in Bad Sulza for many years. I experienced my Aqua Wellness session with Manuela Sonntag - the physiotherapist is also the founder of Wave Balance and a trained Aqua Wellness Bodyworker. In combination with the full moon and musical performance by Ludger Novak, with his entrancing live piano and other worldly music, including Tibetan chants vibrating and resonating through my mind and body under water, the interdisciplinary approach of human touch as I was cradled, twisted, flipped, and the torso rippling like seaweed to the music and light, was one of the most memorable experiences of my three months in Germany.


Dive Deep into Luxurious Rest and Dreams



The facilities are modern, with a nouveau decor that is accommodating and spacious-- a nice mix between earthy and classic elegance, like bathing in luxury—and comfort. A mix of soft and bright colours coordinated in a way that is reminiscent of an art gallery in New York- but far more relaxing than the big city. The international and local food deserves praise, especially the salad, with layered vegetables, fresh wholesome bread and goat cheese, so nutritious and delectable- unforgettable. To top it off, the staff radiate a natural spirit of service and accommodation with a genuinely friendly and cheerful demeanour.



Sitting on the sofa in my room, enjoying mineral water in a wine glass and fresh fruit, looking out the window, a soft mist lifts over the hillside embracing the evening. A nice way to end the day with a big cozy bed inviting me in for some deep restful sleep where I press play to watch the latest flick projected from my unconscious mind. Viewing the vivid imagery, also known as Dreamings that bring forth messages and stories which is more difficult to do in other places that are so busy and speedy. All this is a natural outcome from being in an uplifting and relaxing environment. The deep sleep and rest was too good, and peaceful, so much so, I did not want to get out of bed the next morning! Here, in Toskana Therme Bad Orb, I can let go, and rest longer than I would normally allow myself, and watch as another wave of dreams floods in.



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