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May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and CHARGE Wellness & Hypnotherapy Center, a Dubai-based wellness center marks the campaign by introducing a new method to promote overall mental well-being, combining Hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) in the therapy session.

“These two powerful tools can be combined to enhance the effectiveness of therapy. The combination of hypnotherapy and NLP can be particularly effective for addressing a variety of mental health concerns, including self-limiting beliefs, addiction, feeling stuck, phobias, feeling overwhelmed, lifestyle management, and self-esteem to name a few,” according to Silvina Joseph, a Canadian Certified Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner and Founder of CHARGE Wellness & Hypnotherapy Center.

A testimonial from one of CHARGE’s clients Patricia K in Dubai says: quote "I had an excellent session with Silvina who helped me better understand, manage & release my stress. I find her approach to be compassionate, insightful, and effective. She showed me a clear plan to move forward.”

She added: “I have learned to identify my old ways of reacting to situations and through interrupting my old patterns I was able to engage with situations with new behaviors which results in creating effective solutions. This new way of dealing with life situations has had a significant positive impact on my life. I gained clarity and insight into the underlying causes of my stress through Silvina's thoughtful questioning and active listening. I always leave our sessions feeling empowered and better equipped to cope with life's challenges using the tools I learned during our sessions.”

Hypnotherapy is a proven method for treating a variety of issues, including weight loss, feeling worried or overwhelmed, lack of joy and interest in daily activities that were once enjoyable, sadness, feeling emptiness or feeling down, smoking cessation, self-empowerment, and much more.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP is a type of therapy that focuses on the language and communication patterns that individuals use to create their perception of the world. By identifying and changing these patterns, individuals can improve their emotional and mental well-being.

A hypnotherapist using NLP techniques guides an individual through a hypnosis session to identify negative thought patterns and positively reframe them. This can lead to improvements in mood, self-esteem, and overall well-being.

“By accessing the subconscious mind and changing negative thought patterns, individuals can develop more positive and adaptive coping strategies, leading to improved mental and emotional health,” explains Joseph.

Mental health is becoming a growing priority in society. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), funding for mental health research and treatment has increased, and more companies are implementing mental health support programs for their employees.

CHARGE Wellness & Hypnotherapy Center is revolutionizing corporate wellness programs with their innovative therapy approach in a group setting, aimed at promoting employee well-being, productivity, and work-life balance. The workshops are tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual, with a focus on enhancing confidence, eliminating self-limiting beliefs, overcoming procrastination, and maintaining motivation. Utilizing conversational hypnosis and NLP techniques, the group sessions and exercises are conducted in an experiential style, providing employees with practical tools and strategies to achieve the desired outcomes.

Through this unique approach, CHARGE Wellness & Hypnotherapy Center has helped employees achieve tangible results that positively impact both their professional and personal lives, as well as the work environment. With increased confidence and productivity, employees are better equipped to meet the demands of their jobs and maintain a healthy work-life balance. The result is a happier, more engaged workforce, contributing to a positive and thriving workplace culture. CHARGE Wellness & Hypnotherapy Center is proud to be at the forefront of this revolution in corporate wellness, delivering real results and transforming the lives of employees.

With the growing awareness and recognition of the importance of mental health in individuals and society as a whole, CHARGE Wellness & Hypnotherapy Center hopes to support and assist those who are looking to achieve, maintain and improve health, happiness, and paths to success.

“With this approach to therapy individuals can achieve greater emotional resilience and positive change in their lives that reflect positively in all aspects of their social, personal, and work life,” concludes Joseph.

To celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month, Charge Wellness & Hypnotherapy Center is offering a 30-minute FREE consultation throughout May. During the consultation, individuals will have the opportunity to discuss their specific needs and learn more about how hypnotherapy and NLP can help. Sessions are conducted in the clinics in Jumeirah and Barsha Heights.


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CHARGE Wellness & Hypnotherapy Center Promotes Awareness for Mental Health
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