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  • O'Reve Hot Spring and Spa Executive, Lee Deok-beom, Honored at East Asian Spa Summit
    Jeju's O'Reve Hot Spring and Spa executive, Mr. Lee Deok-beom, was honored as the 'Spa Industry Contributor of the Year' at the 15th East Asia Spa Industry Union (EASIU) Summit and Annual Forum held in Suzhou, China on January 8th and 9th. Mr. Lee Deok-beom, previously responsible for planning and operational management in the hot springs and spa sector at locations such as Asan Spavis in Chungnam, is currently leading the operational planning at O'Reve Hot Spring, a premium hot spring spa set to open soon in Jeju. His expertise, demonstrated through insightful understanding of global industry changes and market demands, coupled with meticulous operational planning, has garnered recognition not only domestically but also from the EASIU, which unanimously selected and awarded him for his significant contributions to the spa industry's development, following last year's performances and recognition. Established in 2005, the EASIU is an international gathering of spa industry representatives from China, Japan, Mongolia, and Korea. The organization rotates its chairmanship annually, hosting summit meetings and annual forums, with representatives from Malaysia, Vietnam, and Thailand invited to participate alongside the four founding nations. The Korean Spa Wellness Association (KorSpa) is representing South Korea at the EASIU. The next event, scheduled for 2025, is slated to be hosted in South Korea as the rotating chairmanship country.
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  • [Travel with a Purpose] Your Complete Holistic Healing Journey at The Farm at San Benito, the Philippines
    Located in Lipa City in Batangas, The Farm at San Benito encompasses all the luxurious features of a premium medical wellness resort. Its tastefully-appointed suites and villas echo a sophisticated design concept that marries the opulence of nature and the subtle elegance of traditional Filipino-Oriental sensibilities. Nestled in a 51-hectare forested property, The Farm at San Benito is an exclusive estate of lush gardens and lagoons, of quiet tree groves and crisp, fresh air, with strong positive energy radiating around the property. Yet, beyond its paradisal beauty and the inspiring sensations it evokes, lies The Farm’s true essence: it is a facility for medical wellness and a safe sanctuary for healing. Its programs, aimed to help the body and mind achieve optimum health and performance, have been meticulously designed following foundational science-based protocols and guided by evidence. At a time when health consciousness has become a widespread realization, more and more people are traveling to achieve a state of mind and body that is fit and well-balanced. Some travel to seek treatment for their illnesses. Others do so as a preventive measure to keep their health at an optimum level. Traveling with a purpose that is focused on health and wellness attests to the phenomenal growth of conscious travelers. The Farm at San Benito is at the forefront of medical wellness tourism Celebrating two decades of life-transformative healing holidays, it has distinguished itself as one of the world’s best, winning over 80 accolades from prestigious international bodies such as 'Best Wellness Resort in the World.' It cupped the coveted ‘Haute Grandeur Global Excellence Award from the Haute Grandeur Global Spa Awards in 2021 receiving a total of 21 awards. Since it’s officially the rainy season in the country, now is the perfect time to detox and cleanse from within. Rain symbolizes purification. At The Farm, you can experience a full immersion into clean living through physical healing in the form of mindful movements and functional fitness activities, medically-guided fasting, and treatments to eliminate toxins from within while restoring the body’s optimum ability to restore nutrients. The Farm offers an ‘Intro to Detox’ program that includes a 3-day medically supervised cleansing program to purge unhealthy elements from the body and mind while providing optimum nutrition. The Farm is also home to a world-renowned Weight Management, Diabetes Prevention & Heart Health Program, which focuses on the management of obesity, diabetes, hypertension, and stress to resolve the root cause of the dysfunction and to bring the body back to a natural state of balance. At The Farm, the wide-ranging compendium of services aimed to address various health and psycho-emotional conditions, are all medically supervised by licensed physicians supported by health professionals, spa therapists, medical acupuncturists, physiotherapists, nutritionists, living food experts, fitness coaches, sound healers, and yoga teachers. The Farm at San Benito is thus a complete and genuine sanctuary—a space of encompassing beauty where the body and mind can heal to return to a state of genuine well-being and spiritual enrichment and inner renewal can be achieved. www.thefarmatsanbenito.com
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  • [Interview] Ms. Dao Huyen – CEO of S.H.E Cosmetics Ltd., Vietnam
    Vietnam has recently become one of the hottest growth markets for beauty and cosmetics in Asia. Wellness Today is fortunate to talk with a Hanoi-based beauty enthusiast and cosmetics dealer Dao Huyen, founder & CEO of S.H.E. Cosmetics Ltd. ▲ Ms. Dao Huyen, founder & CEO of S.H.E. Cosmetics Ltd. [WT] Could you tell us a bit of your background? [DH] I have been working in cosmetics field for more than 5 years. I started as a sales person at a small cosmetics shop. It was about two years ago when I became deeply attracted by cosmetics trading business. At that time, I was working as a sales & marketing manager at a local skincare clinic which sells not only skincare services but also cosmetics products. While working, I found that the Vietnamese cosmetics market was booming but needed to mature as customers were rapidly getting savvy. I soon moved to a Korean cosmetics company in Hanoi and started working as a manager at large. At this company, I was fortunate to get many insights from local distributors and consumers. I found Korean-made cosmetics products were getting high popularity in local market. In early 2018, with the vision of bringing the best cosmetics products mainly from Korea to the Vietnamese customers, I started my own business, S.H.E Cosmetics Ltd., offering OEM ODM services to local enterprises and also sourcing the hottest trend cosmetics from Korea for local distributors in Vietnam. [WT] What do you think about today’s Vietnamese cosmetics market? [DH] The cosmetics consumption in Vietnam is still low compared to neighboring countries like Thailand. However, if you have a better understanding of the characteristics of the country, Vietnam is more promising than any other country. It's really an attractive market. Above all, the percentage of younger people under 35 is 60%. Due to rapid westernization and increased personal social exposure, young people are more interested in their appearance than ever before. The other reason why the Vietnamese market is more attractive is because of the socio-economic role of women who have traditionally been quite active. With the increase in women's income, I am sure, they will spend more money on beauty and cosmetics. I think this is going to happen very quickly. [WT] Specifically, what aspects of beauty consumption expenditure should we pay attention to in Vietnam? [DH] As in other countries, Vietnamese women spend their money in purchasing home care cosmetics products and/or in getting treatments at beauty salons. For home care products, the preference for whitening function or sunscreen is high due to the nature of Vietnam climate. But the problem is that they are very interested in cosmetics, but there are not many people who have enough knowledge about exactly what products to use and how to use them. So the beauty market in Vietnam is characterized by a lot of skin care shops in each neighborhood. Consumers want to receive cosmetics from these shops and receive professional treatment from them. However, there are not many skincare shops that have mastered the techniques to fully understand the products and use them effectively. Of course, I think there will be many improvements over time. [WT] At this point, what parts of Vietnam skin care shops should focus on to evolve themselves? [DH] In a word, differentiation. Many shops now offer similar products and similar services. In order for shops to evolve and be competitive, they must have differentiated technology. If you simply sell cosmetics on the market, you cannot win the competition. And it is also important to have good products to gain trust. In short, arming with good products and good skills is the basis for differentiation, and I think more customers will come to these well-organized shops. [WT] I hear that you are planning to open your skincare shop yourself. Could you elaborate in detail? [DH] Yes, I am currently in contact with various agencies in Korea to provide services that Vietnam consumers really want. I would like to choose an institution that can provide a good selection of products and continue to provide skin care related technology. The key to this plan is to build a solid platform for reliably supporting existing skincare shop operators and new start-ups. I plan to open my first shop by the end of this year. [WT] Thank you for many good comments. Finally, what does the company name S.H.E mean? S.H.E. stands for Safety, High Technology, and Effectiveness. The purpose is to provide customers with a safe product with the latest technology to ensure maximum effectiveness. This name is the company's future mission as well.
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